Affiliated Companies

Affiliated Companies

Jetty and Marine Constructions

Jetty & Marine Constructions delivers a full marine construction capability based on our experience, marine assets and waterfront infrastructure. For more information please visit or call 0431 625 897.

Our clients include yacht clubs, ports, marinas, private jetty owners, engineering consultants and government authorities.

Based at our waterfront facility in Rous Head, North Fremantle, we undertake a range of jetty construction, maintenance, marine transport and logistics works, in the south-west of the state.

We have the experience and assets needed to complete a wide range of civil marine works. This experience, coupled with our passion for the marine industry, means we can provide contemporary and efficient project management – without the layers of cost and bureaucracy imposed upon larger organisations.

The Boathouse Marina

The Group offer this fully enclosed dry boat storage facility at our waterfront site in the Fremantle Fishing Boat Harbour. It is currently the only fully enclosed facility in Perth. For more information or to register interest, please visit or call 0432 692 228.

In addition to fully enclosed storage, we offer pens in our private marina. Constructed by Jetty and Marine Constructions, it is Perth’s best marina for luxury vessels up to 18 metres long.

In the south eastern corner of the harbour, it is protected from boat wash, tides, wind and airborne particles. Secure parking is only metres away from your duckboard.